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Dubai Holidays Cheap - 5 Impressive Tours to Explore Dubai's Cultural Sites

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Dubai Holidays Cheap - 5 Impressive Tours to Explore Dubai's Cultural Sites

Plan Dubai holidays cheap with your friends or family and explore this magnificent city that has greatly flourished in the last decade. Dubai is the largest and the most populated city in the UAE with a high tourism rate because of its remarkable skyline, incredible achievements such as ice rink, ski resort, aquarium and underwater zoo and so on. Dubai is also quite popular for its multicultural environment influenced by a great number of people belonging to various nationalities that live in the city. However, the cultural heritage of Dubai itself is quite interesting and evident from some amazing sites in the city.

Therefore, take tours of the following cultural sites with your loved ones when you travel for your Dubai holidays from Germany to have an enriching and memorable experience.

Visit the Al-Fahidi Fort on your Dubai Holidays Cheap

The Al-Fahidi Fort is the oldest building in Dubai which was built in 1787 to protect the Dubai Creek from threats. This fort was also used as a residence for the governing family of Dubai, as a military post and a prison over the years. However, it has now been converted into an incredible museum that exhibits the traditional Arabic architectural methods with walls made of coral-blocks and the roof made of palm leaves, mud and plaster. The Al-Fahidi Fort is a great place to visit on your holidays in Dubai cheap if you enjoy exploring the culture, history and traditions of a new destination. At this fort, you will witness an interesting exhibition of old maps of Dubai and Emirates, traditional boats, palm-leaf house, old weapons, Emirati musical instruments and ancient artefacts that are thousands of years old.

Alserkal Art District

Your Dubai holidays cheap will be an enriching experience as you witness the Alserkal art district which is one of the main centres of arts in Dubai. There are several established art galleries in this district that include:

  • The Green Art Gallery
  • The Third Line
  • The Ayyam Gallery
  • Carbon 12

You will witness a number of art displays that focus on the history and culture of Dubai in different and unique ways. Therefore, travel for your Dubai holidays from Germany and visit the Alserkal art district to get an insight into the history, culture and traditions of Dubai.

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

The Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House is one of the most important historical and cultural sites to visit on your Dubai holidays cheap. This house was the residence of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum who ruled over Dubai from 1921 to 1958. It exhibits the traditional Arab architecture with a central courtyard with 30 rooms built around it, carved doors, wooden lattice screen windows, gypsum ventilation screens and so much more. This residence is now a museum exhibiting some of the finest historical items of the city that you should visit on your holidays in Dubai cheap. It contains incredible photographs of Dubai from the time period between 1948 to 1953, photographs of boat building and pearling, numerous letters, maps, coins and stamps that showcase the development of the Emirates.

The Bastakia Quarter

The Bastakia Quarter is yet another historically and culturally important site that is important to visit on your Dubai holidays cheap for an enriching and memorable holiday experience. The Bastakia Quarter was built in the 19th century and most of the buildings still stand in the same condition that exhibit the distinctive Arabian architecture. The houses and buildings in this quarter are made of coral-blocks and limestone, walls topped with wind towers and narrow streets. You will also find the Majlis Gallery in the quarter that exhibits the traditional ceramics and household furniture of the Arabs. Therefore, travel for your Dubai holidays from Germany and visit the Bastakia Quarter for a fascinating and interesting holiday experience.

Heritage and Diving Village

The Heritage and Diving Village is one of the most recreational places in Dubai and exhibits the architectural and cultural heritage of the city. There are exhibits of the pearl diving, Persian homes, traditional coffeehouses and a souk that showcases the beautiful hand-made items from the potters and weavers. Your Dubai holidays cheap will become even more entertaining as you experience the traditional Arabic and village life with the help of small recreations at the Heritage and Diving Village. There are also events organized at this site where you can experience the local music and dance performances that are guaranteed to contribute to your memorable holidays in Dubai cheap.

Key Takeaways!

Dubai is an incredible city that has achieved so much over the years, making it one of the best holiday destinations in the world. There are a great number of people who visit the city every year for the amazing experiences it has to offer that include witnessing the remarkable man-made structures and exploring its rich cultural heritage. Therefore, be sure to visit the cultural sites mentioned above on your Dubai holidays cheap to discover the historical and cultural background of the city for a wonderful holiday experience.

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